Frequently asked questions and requirements to become an associate in Australia and from Indonesia.

I have a shop, restaurant or cafe in Australia, can I sell Made In Indonesia?

You can sell your products from an established shop, restaurant or cafe;

1. Special Products Made in Indonesia
2. Paket harga barang

You can use the following method:

  1. PRE ORDER, shipping from Indonesia
  2. Store in warehouse: UKMBOX Fulfillment Center in Melbourne - Australia.

Free of charge.

Warehouse fees are charged based on the dimensions of the goods and how long the goods are in the warehouse.

Please contact Customer Service in Indonesia: +6281181190222

You just need to tell us, the price of the item, the dimensions of the item, the type of item, the tax incurred.

From this data, we will calculate the selling price in Australia and include shipping costs from Indonesia to your home in Australia.

Please contact: Indonesia +6281181190222